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We have all uphold the production of Taiwan
With the highest quality to deal with each commodity This is our request
  • 01-1 Whether there is a picture of the design merchandise?

    You will first ask the customer whether there is a picture of the design of the goods, the image must be the original AI file or CDR, the customer design drawings must be confirmed above is a legitimate way to give legal liability, We will provide customers with customized version of the wireframe to give sets of drawings, the color please use CMYK value, to avoid the color of the different cognitive

  • 01-2 design files

    If there is no design to provide, we have a designer can assist the design, the need for customers to provide ideas or related objects, in the design before we will first charge 4,000 yuan design drawings Design takes 7 working days and generally provide 2-3 models for reference, if modified only 3 times, if the order will be discounted in the total amount

  • 02 Pick cloth

    After the design is confirmed, start picking the fabric, or by the cloth we recommend to the customer, and ask the customer about the number, we will prepare the quotation given to the customer reference
    Ps: if the goods have our logo will be discounted to the customer, or other locations can be discussed

  • 03 Multi-color Italian ink to sublimation transfer

    When the fabric is confirmed, we will be multi-color Italian ink to sublimation transfer in the designated fabric and provide a small pattern to the customer to confirm the color with the location
    Ps: the color displayed on the screen does not mean that the color will be the same with the transfer, the proposed color all in accordance with the transfer of small patterns based

  • 04 Send the package to increase the size of the product

    The above procedures are no problem, I will send the Secretary for the amount of goods, increase the size of the accurate so that you more complete to wear comfortable goods

  • 05 Arrange production

    Design, version, color, location, price, size confirmation is correct, to be paid before the deposit 50% and to provide a single order to sign back, the above confirmed the correct start to arrange production

  • 06 Start shipping

    Large cargo production is completed and inform the customer to pay the balance, until the accounting check correct, will be shipped the same day!