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100% Complete Taiwan Factory
  • Stressed saturated, bright, do not fade

    Multi-color goods, we use sublimation transfer and sublimation transfer is simply by heating the ink gas and then transferred to the material on a printing method While the color part we emphasize saturation, bright, do not fade so we use 100% pure ink without any other water Ink We use the Italian brand KIIAN and have the EU certification

  • Color confirmation, professional color

    Customer design we will be with the sublimation factory to do the color confirmation, and professional palette action

  • Comparable to that of Italy, requiring the same level

    World famous brand -Roland, many Italian brand garments are also using this machine, in the printing of considerable experience, in order to comparable to Italy, we also require the same level

  • Choose cloth

    We use Taiwan fabric or fabric better than Taiwan - Italy. We will have sweat function or other functional description of the hanging card with the certificate to ensure that the source is clear so that customers buy peace of mind goods In addition, we will print a small map to check the customer specified color to ensure that the color is correct

  • Stable high-quality known, thermal transfer machine industry's first brand

    Monti Antonio from Italy's world's top transfer machine to the stability of high-quality known for the thermal transfer machine industry's first brand, we use the model for the current MOD855 above the latest machine, in addition to meet the print All kinds of fabrics we have done on the machine upgrade action in order to show a better quality

  • Check cloth confirmation

    And the transfer is the machine operation, so when the printed cloth, we will once again check the cloth will be a problem

  • Cut out the frame of the goods and check the cloth

    When the transfer of the fabric, we need a cut with a manual to cut out the goods of the frame, is to the next action - sewing, and once again check the fabric is dirty

  • To sew

    Just cut off the pieces, will begin to sew, for example, the car part of the car need to copy grams, three, four-pin six lines ... ... and so some cumbersome hand-made in the process also need car Clothing on the pattern of the map, consider the extension of the cloth with the zipper there are some accessories production, in fact, to complete a car is not simple , And our sewing aunt who are more than 10 years of sewing experience, of course ... they are all intentions on each commodity

  • Adhere to Taiwan production

    Do a good job, we will once again check the quality, a lot of procedures are done by the manual, perhaps in the process may be negligent, will go wrong, but we require each stage to check and reduce the problem, in order to be guests The hands are satisfied with the goods. We have always insisted on Taiwan's production, no more than want to let more countries know the quality of Taiwan and our colleagues in Taiwan's intentions! Also hope that a small effort can drive our textile industry!