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100% pure ink without any other water, Use the Italian brand KIIAN and the EU certification of high quality ink, In order to get the guests satisfied with the goods. We have always insisted on Taiwan's production, no more than want to let more countries know Taiwan Quality and our colleagues in Taiwan! Also hope that a small effort can drive our textile industry!


Within 15 days after purchase

Made in Taiwan / Taiwan Fabrics / Made in Italy

Normal wear, six months warranty



In the vigorous development of the sports industry, with the progress of science and technology, technology, the establishment of the brand and more and more products, and actively into the movement to a subjective perspective to understand the use of the product perception, years of work experience Accumulated and excavated many of Taiwan's manufacturing industry in the international arena, international love and identity of high-quality fabrics and technology, many developed and manufactured by Taiwan, but also see Taiwan's manufacturing difficulties in the local, so decided to TOB, the Taiwan tradition The pride of the industry to stay in Taiwan, so that more people in the process of sports real feelings。